October 28, 2008, 9:47 pm
Filed under: Rant

Always been wanting to rant, as cooping up isn’t the most comfortable.

This world we live in is a world of procastination, of wars, or evil and greed, and also of good, of love and hope. All in all it has always been a matter of choice. Choice of perception.

Take for example, I have half a glass of water. It is either half full or half empty. But in reality it’s the same. It’s how people perceive things. Several people I have known are pretty much strong-headed. The world is wrong for they are correct. It has to be! And once again is there a right and wrong for this? No. It is what they believe in, abeit foolish or not. There are times we have to seek our direction, the one we believe unfalteringly, and there are times we need people to keep us in check. And of course with all sorts of people in the world, there will always be people who are there to check your left while you’re looking your right.

There was once someone who told me I suck at XXX. I beg to differ. Like I said it’s a matter of perception and just because you see it that way, a bunch of people see it that way doesn’t mean it’s right and justifiable. If, and only if, the United States declares a war on OPEC countries because they’re throttling oil production, does it means they’re right in their cause to preserve the global economy, one based on exorbitant wastes of resources? They think they’re right, some think they’re not. And most of these dissenting opinions bring amongst disagreement and perhaps eventually conflict. So what?

People need to step back and think. Life is going too fast too furious, so how about taking a sweet five minutes off the highway and down the park. Think about what happened in your life that made it worth living as yourself.

It is unmistakeably that not everyone alive in this world are thoughtful enough, and similarly not everyone alive in this world are that thoughtless. There are times when you hit a rough patch, or times you disagree with others, or when you’re the one being the goddamn bastard yourself. Everyone else is at fault because you’ve suffered too long too much already. And more often that none, someone ends up getting hurt, something ends up getting lost, and things would probably never be very much the same again.

Most of us only come to regret what has (or not) been done to have improved the outcome. The only thing we can do is live with the choices you’ve made, learn and then make better. If you hate school, work or even your life, find a way to make it better. ( I speak in understanding it’ll be done morally, yes?)

No one wants to live in regret, and no one wants to be lacking. Everyone wants a rich fulfilling life that will drop from the skies. Any problem they meet and fail to solve, it’s not their fault. It’s not their responsibility. The world is at fault for being too challenging for them.

I’ve been through shit before, I myself have been quite the bastard in the past, and yes, I daresay I’ve learnt in the least. There are times when you need to endure it, take it like a man (or woman) and take it take it take it until when the time is nigh. Tolerance is only tolerance because one doesn’t soak all the crap up indefinitely. It is tolerance and responsibility that makes, and no doubt amongst other qualities, a fine person. What we all need sometimes is just to be able to hold it just long enough, and undoubtedly make it good as it has lasted.

To be able to think deeply about matters that affect not only yourself but those around you has been a rare trait in people, and often I do find them more worthy of respect.

I guess I will end the rant for now, pretty tired after a long day at school and a week stuck with food poisoning. Damn.

p.s. In the world of rants and ‘philosophy’ these are merely words of opinions. And of course it has always offered ambiguity to people who are itching to shoot something back, and there are such hobbies people indulge in. Of course this is simply my opinion (see rant) and yes, life’s the biggest contradiction itself.


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