AFA08 Day 2: Cosplay Mania and May’n Concert!
November 23, 2008, 11:59 pm
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Returning to AFA08 after an eventful day 1, I was only mildly interested in the Cosplay Mania. Nevertheless it was still interesting enough. I realised there was an Al Azif cosplay, but I never did get close enough to get any shots. Somehow I missed out on Illya and Lolicard ones as well.

However, I managed to get a shot of HOIHOI-SAN, which I am totally clueless about and would like to find out more. The cosplay was nothing short of CUTE. One of the best cosplays around I reckon ^^


Looks badass with a gun. Cameraman considered dead.

After watching HOIHOI-SAN get equipped with a hand-held cannon(?!), I moved on to other cosplayers while waiting for the main event to start.


Ozma looked like he had way too much supper.

There were several Macross Frontier cosplayers as well. Cool.


Loli Klan Klein!

I like this one. Simple but lovely.


Saw this on Day One, but forgotten to post it up. He is winrar.



C.C. from Code GEESE in a box.

The Code Geese cosplayers was pretty good. Nice little bit of disappearing act from C.C.


Raep is imminent.



Group shot with the participants, with the Ultraman guys bagging the prize. Seems like Vincent couldn’t get up. LOL. As you would expect, my favourites were the Code Geese and Ultraman cosplays.


. .


Aniki had a short special performance for the end of the competition. 15 minutes of win.

There’re no photos for the May’n concert, because ‘cameras, video recorders and any sort of recording is not allowed.’ Sucks to be us.

Nevertheless it was a splendid performance; May’n has pretty strong vocals, and screaming her lungs off into the mike made the hall shake. And to top it off, she could dance. Not those anime song singers that stand behind a mike all concert long and do funny moves, but real dance. Not a lot, but she did dance some good parts and she was gorgeous. The music was good, the dance choreography is good, May’n knows her stage, and fans knew how to scream. Overall I’m pretty impressed with the young star’s ability; May’n performed like she has done so dozens of times. And yet it’s her first overseas live performance.

But, apparently the arrangement for the autography session was PURE ANAL. (Quoted directly from a friend.) I didn’t blow the $118 for the Diamond VIP Pass, but a friend that did told me they were handed pre-signed boards by a rep, and all the pass’s worth was to get a handshake and an exchange of words.

Also, I find the lack of fanservice disappointing. Seriously so. No I’m not contradicting myself. The concert was great, but I find that apart from singing all that 6-7 songs, May’n didn’t really say anything else. After the last song she siam’d faster than ninjas on fire would. No encore either. Maybe that’s due to the fact the audience didn’t do the magical encore chant, but nevertheless, the emcees ushered the table and chair out(for the autography session) in their fastest, most efficient manouevre in the whole of the 2 days at AFA08. It’s pretty much the polar opposite for Aniki yesterday, where he shared and chatted some. Gave an encore and cried manly tears of joy. Ok I made the manly tears of joy up, but you get the point.

Overall I’m pretty impressed by the scale of AFA08. The first of its kind (despite being deliciously ironical), there were a large number of attendees and brands there. The amount of merchandise, figures, model kits, and japan-y kinda stuff helped spice the con up. To be honest I wasn’t expecting this much, but after I’ve been to this year’s AFA, I’ll definitely want to go again next year.

p.s.: Aniki mentioned he might bring his band next year yes? Precioussssssss

p.p.s.: Delicous irony is delicious. I’m sure most of us watched Code Geese on Odex DVDs like all honest folks would.

p.p.p.s.: SATSUGAI

update: Dorama going on all over blogs. Or at least those bloggers’ who attended AFA08. I gotta admit, I didn’t know the those signed boards are preciousssss. I reckon it’d be good if more of these cultural differences are worked out. So enjoy your autographs. AND LOL AT LOL-TOW.


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yo, totally agree that the autograph was anal. e-jump tried his best for a signature, no go. then opted for a heart scribble, no go. /QQ

at least i get to pass my blog card XD
which was my main mission in addition to the signature. i tried to pull out my CD too… manager + the staff just big “NO” to my face D:

TLDR: pretty much same opinion as you.

Comment by Quazacolt

Wait, Ultraman got first? I thought Geese did. Seriously, Ultraman team deserved the first. And yes Hoihoi was awesome. Apparently, I am told anyway, Hoihoi is a roach killer girl in Japan, no real series except in manga and only one known anime episode.

Also, Reiko kept pronouncing Geass as Geese. Immediately, “WATERFOWL OF THE REBELLION” came to mind, if you saw that picture before.

Comment by Panther

@Quazacolt: Lol I would want her to sign my CD if I had the tickets. I know some folks who bought her CDs specially for the autograph session.

@Panther: Kinda forgot who got first, but I reckon Ultraman be win. Roach hunting with cannon is awesome yes? Have a link to the waterfowl of the rebellion picture?

Comment by Leefe

Unfortunately no. Lol. I lost it somewhere, and could not find it in Google, though I did find this. It basically showed a goose with a Geass eye and made into a motivational poster as CODE GEESE with the description Waterfowl of the Rebellion.

Comment by Panther

Sorry to double post, but I just found the picture again. You can view it here.

Comment by Panther

@ Panther: I’m sure Reiko was watching the wrong show all these while… :D

Comment by Leefe

Hey, it’s not Reiko’s fault she mispronouced the name incorrectly…

You know what, never mind. This can make for a pretty good meme…

Comment by AK

Just guess from whose post that Leefe quoted “pure a*nal” from. Hahaha. . .

Well, straight after news that May’n is coming, I started the mass orders of her singles for my friends and me. In the end, the money and effort spent on getting the cds here did not paid off. I can still remember the disgusted look from my friend when he saw the first ‘unfortunate’ fan received the pre-signed board. Just imagine the reaction of the fans if they pulled off a similar stunt back in Japan.

The management agency better improve of the treatment of the fans, best is they take Aniki as example. Personalised autographs, photos with him for keepers. Encore act that was not supposed to be in the program list. Though I’m not a hardcore fan of Aniki, but his actions on and off the stage does earned my praise. Keep it up, Aniki. You truly deserved the title ‘King of ani-music’.

Comment by kenenth0601

@ Kenneth0601: Aniki’s been singing for 40 years, and I’d thought May’n’s manager would take a leaf outta Aniki’s book. Learning a coupla tricks from Saturday would definitely improve May’n’s autography session IMO. Lucky I bought the normal 2-day passes LOL

@ AK: Waterfowl of the Rebellion be Sunrise’s new show :D

Comment by Leefe

@ Leefe: Guess they haven’t been learning much or nothing at all. Did they even attend Aniki’s act? I doubt so, bringing her around town for some sightseeing and shopping instead of gracing the event, boo. Even Aniki turned out for a cameo appearance on Sunday. Boo, what were they thinking then?

Comment by kenenth0601

@ Kenneth0601: I heard May’n bought a taiyaki at Taka on Saturday…. but it’s not like the managers wouldn’t be able to be at AFA08 though…

Comment by Leefe

Well, i understand it wasnt may’n fault in the 1st place. But I wasnt informed of the white board thingie. Of course I raged. At least may’n had a sorry look on her face when i was rejected by her manager, and i got the white board. Lesson learnt.

Comment by e-jump

Awww HOIHOI is soo cute

Comment by alafista

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