MC: Dinner at Astons
December 4, 2008, 1:30 pm
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food3Crispy chicken and pasta salad and baked potato. Half eaten orz (mine)

A get-together dinner after one of the usual Makan Crusader (I’ll be coining it MC from now on) came back from China was at the newly opened branch of Astons at Ang Mo Kio.

Dinner at Astons had always been good. Their food is pretty good, isn’t very pricey, and so they’ve been gaining popularity. I had dinner just a couple of days back, at the Ang Mo Kio branch. Because it was new, there weren’t a lot of customers around. Meaning seats were easily obtainable, unlike their other branches. I’ve been to the one at Cathay, the one at Serangoon Gardens, and their waits were hell. I remember having a 1 hour queue for seats at the Cathay.

food1 Grilled fish with herbs and corn and fries. (Zen’s)

What made the food even better, despite the late arrival of my soup which was lousy because it basically screws up the food, was of course finally being able to sit down for a get-together dinner.

food2 Pork chops and baked potato and rice. (PY’s)

Personally I like the fish better from the Mediterranean Grill (from somewhere near Tanah Merah MRT), but I find the crispy chicken pretty nice.

This is kinda the first offering of the Makan Crusade. I’ll be bringing more in as I find good-food places, so stay tuned.


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Hmm I had no idea there was such a new chain. I should give it a try, AMK is pretty close anyway to me. How much is it usually?

Also do you mind if you disable the snap-up option, it is irritating. Thanks.

Comment by Panther

Hmm.. It’s $6.50 and above. $10+ for the steaks which is rather good value for money. I had no idea you frequent leefe’s blog XD. The pork chop was nice and if you like to eat fish, the grilled salmon is a must-try.

Comment by Kronosfere

Arh.. wordpress should enable comment editing.. Yea the snap-up option on all the links on the site do make it rather annoying..

Comment by Kronosfere

@Panther: Thanks for the feedback, snap shot should be disabled. Let me know if it does pop again.

Comment by Leefe

i have been having ulcers for the past few weeks so have been staying off fired foods. now that it’s healed, i’m ready for some good western food. ^^;

Comment by gordon

@gordon: Actually there’s another one which is better in terms of taste, but slightly pricier. It’s near Tanah Merah MRT, Bedok Road there. I think it’s called Bedok Simpang or something. Chances are it’ll be my 2nd MC episode too ^^
Oh and I forgot all about the main Astons outlet at Katong lol!

Comment by Leefe

Oh gawd, I so want these foods D:.

Comment by Netto

@Netto: Plenty of Astons to go around… :P
*back to last second mugging for my JLPT >_>!*

Comment by Leefe

Lols its Simpang Bedok. Yeah the fish’s not awesome at aston’s. In fact, if you’re only slightly richer than a beggar (like me XD)and can’t really go for the steak or the salmon, the better option there is the chicken, both the fried and the grilled.

There’s an outlet in Katong?!

Comment by Zen

@ Zen: Yeah apparently the outlet at Katong is HQ.

Comment by Leefe

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