I’m le tired
December 24, 2008, 1:07 am
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Back from Cameron Highlands after a 10 hour bus ride, it’s good to be sitting on a chair that doesn’t bump your ass raw. Neck feels detached, the weather is much warmer, and so much more dregs in my life I’ll have to settle before the last of my holiday ends. TomorrowToday’s Christmas Eve, so I’m hoping I can settle back in my drone of a life and hopefully when school reopens, it’d be that much more enjoyable.

I’ll probably up a little post of the trip after the festivities.



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Hahaha, gotta love the road maintenance in Singapore. Well with the kind of people Singaporeans are, they’ll probably complain if they ever experience a bump in the road and *poof* road maintenance -> smooth road. Man, traveling to Malaysia always makes me feel how painfully small Singapore is. For better or for worse I can’t tell, just that Singapore is really small >.<

Comment by Kronosfere

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