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January 5, 2009, 11:11 pm
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A while back, Mysctea brought to my attention his efforts on making an instruction manual for the Little Busters! Trading Card Game, Weiβ Schwarz. Weiβ Schwarz homepage here. Despite owning a set of the Little Busters! LE cards, I don’t actually play the game… orz

From Mysctea, NKDS:

“Weiβ Schwarz is a Japanese Trading Card Game (TCG) published by Bushiroad, which is currently quite busy in the expansion of the game. This game creates a battlefield that allows you to pit various characters from various anime series against each other, crossing the boundaries of genre and age..

Currently, these are the series that are included in Weiβ Schwarz.:

  • Da Capo / Da Capo I
  • Little Busters! / Ecstasy
  • Persona 3
  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Disgaea
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
  • Fate / Stay Night

The game is also expanding into other series like:

  • Personna 4
  • Da Capo II PC
  • Shining Force: EXA
  • King of Fighters

This has been translated from the original Quick Manual, which can be found under the official webpage’s rules page. This is to be treated a fan translation. As such, please use this as only a reference and not a guideline for any competitions/events.”

And here’s the manual.

Weiβ Schwarz TCG Quick Manual 1/2 (English)

Weiβ Schwarz TCG Quick Manual 1/2 (English)

Weiβ Schwarz TCG Quick Manual 1/2 (English)

Weiβ Schwarz TCG Quick Manual 2/2 (English)

Update: Apparently the second one had a typo error, this is the updated version. Thanks Mysctea for the update.


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i would buy off the LB deck from u. =X

Comment by bj0rN

@ bj0rn: I’ll let you know when/if I’m selling then lol

Comment by Leefe

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