Macross Frontier VF25-S Ozma Custom
January 10, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Pizza Frontier

Pizza Frontier

As we all know from the block buster animation series, Macross Frontier, the battles are dominated by mostly the VF25 Messiah valkyries, and different characters have different configurations. My favourite out of the four Skull Squadron fighters would be undoubtedly the VF25S Ozma Custom. Reason? It’s badass, it has a freakin’ skull printed on the fuselage, and its pilot is no doubt the manliest character (with their pirate captain, Jeffrey Wilder coming in 2nd ^^) in the whole of the Frontier series.

VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom

VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Custom

Recently acquired from Hobby Art Gallery, the 1/72 scale kit packs one of the more challenging models I’ve made up to date (which hits me as not a lot anyway ^^;). As a variable fighter, the VF-25S is capable of transforming into different modes; the fighter mode, gerwalk mode, and the battroid mode. Meaning building a 3-mode-capable fighter plane. It definitely has a lot of little parts that sometimes doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it, until an hour later when you combine several nonsensical parts into a working one, in this case the cockpit. That’s model kits for you ^^;

Right now progress is painfully slow with just the cockpit finished, and expecting the next month or so to be awfully busy, I’m hoping I can find enough bits of time out of here and there to continue the work on this kit. If possible, I’ll want to get the other 3 variants as well, the baseline VF-25F, sniper variant VF-25G, and EW variant RVF-25. And when Bandai comes out with either the Battle Quarter or Battle Frontier… ^^;

The box is rather (and thankfully) flat

The box is rather (and thankfully) flat

Apart from aspiring to complete all the VF-25 kits and the Battle Carriers, I still have several halfway-through kits  like the Limited Model HG Eva 01 Type-F, MG Strike with IWSP,1/100 Launcher Strike, and several untouched ones, being the EX models of the Archangel and the Minerva, the HG 1/144 Throne Zwei, and the 1/400 Ptolemaios… ^^;

A huge chunk of my room is for keeping all these kits, as well as figures, and like most collector would, I keep my boxes. Partly because of the lack of dust-free displays orz. I was planning to build an acryllic case for the Ptolemaios… but never got around to. Maybe I’ll ask my friend to help me out with that. ^^

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to at least finish the fuselage. Cheers.


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this reminds me i still have to finish my alto’s kit. orz

anyway surprisingly as much as ozma is GAR in the anime, i’m not tempted to get his VF-25S. i’ll be getting VF-25G and RVF-25 though.

Comment by gordon

@ gordon: If the RVF-25 comes with the 3 Ghosts, it’d be even more of a temptation ^^; I wonder if they’ll come out with the Konig Monster :P

Comment by Leefe

Variable fighters are way awesome. I kinda like the fact that the guys behind Red Alert 3 put them in very fittingly.

Comment by AK

@ AK: Lol RA3 has variable fighters? The allied presumably?

Comment by Leefe

Agree! This time, bandai is making right choice for releasing it in form of plamo. Right now, I’m still working on my alto’s.
I have question, how to apply the water decals? It’s my first one encountering it.
Yeag, koenig, that would be badass enough to destroy our pocket ^^

Comment by eyeshield

@ eyeshield: I find the water decals hard to apply, and they’re quite delicate even after application. But it does look nicer than the dry ones.

To apply, use a cutter to cut out the piece which you want to apply, and then dip it in water. Leave it for 10 seconds, then remove from water and use a wet cotton-bud to shift the decal piece onto your kit. Don’t touch it until it’s dry, to be careful leave it for around an hour at least. If you need to readjust the decal, just wet it and use the wet cotton-bud to move it. It’s very sensitive to water.

This blog here, has quite a good guide complete with visuals.

I tried it once, but it broke so I decide that I’ll dedicate some serious time to applying the decals when I have the time to. Lol.

Comment by Leefe

Ahaha, yes, i’m finally try it and somewhat looked nice. Everyone keep saying that the decals will “melt” to the surface. But, seems when it touch water again, it will fall off. So i dunno if i’m doing it right or not ^^;
anyway thanks a lot!

Comment by eyeshield30

@eyeshield30: Yeah mine came off rather easily when it comes in contact with water… That’s why I’m putting off using water decals for the moment. Probably consult some advice from the hobby gallery guys when I have the time (not in another 3 months kinda orz)

Comment by Leefe

Ahh, and it got torn apart too when i tried to placing the hand to the main body, sobsob… Luckily, thats the only decals i tried to apply. Maybe it really need some top coat,lol

Comment by eyeshield30

@eyeshield30: I think it’s better if you put on the decals after you complete assembly… It’d mean some decal pieces may be unuseable though.

Comment by Leefe

kantot pressure

Comment by codename:x


Comment by codename:x

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