Reeves in live-action Cowboy Bebop
January 17, 2009, 4:35 pm
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Keanu Reeves (Matrix, The Day The Earth Stood Still)

Keanu Reeves (Matrix, The Day the Earth Stood Still)

The man behind Matrix hacker Neo and the enigmatic Klaatu, Keanu Reeves will next jump onto the big-screens as Spike Spiegel from the widely acclaimed 1998 Sunrise classic Cowboy Bebop.

Set in a world where humanaity escape decimation, the story follows an adventurous bounty hunter, Spike, travelling on a spaceship, the Bebop, with other fellow bounty hunters.

From MTV movies blog:

Reeves hopes to play Spike Spiegel, one of these futuristic cowboys forced to pick up the slack after a population crash and hyperspace gateways have left law-enforcement unable to capture many of the galaxy’s most ruthless criminals.

“It’s got a Western quality, a Western film noir aspect to it,” Reeves said of why he’s such a big fan of Shinichiro Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto’s groundbreaking series. “It’s got so much style to it, and that’s part of its appeal. That kind of Old West, bordertown, low-tech science fiction aspect.” “

Erwin Stoff, Reeves’ longtime manager, will be producing through 3 Arts and Joshua Long will be serving as executive producer. Sunrise president Kenji Uchida, the TV series’ director of animation, Shinichiro Watanabe, and series writer Keiko Nobumoto will be associate producers, and series producer Masahiko Minami will be the film’s production consultant.

It seems like the next hot thing for Hollywood is apparently Japanese animation, where within the next few years we’ll also be seeing live-action adaptions of Dragonball, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, etc. Personally I haven’t got on the Cowboy Bebop wagon, so I’ll give it a go when I do have time. (Like in a month or so…)

For those who’ve faithfully digested this classic, what’re your opinions on this? Do you think that the stoic-faced impression from Keanu Reeves will be fitting of Spike? Or will it be a hollywood horror?


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if that’s the case, the movie studio is better off casting a wooden plank for the role.

Comment by gordon

@ gordon: From the pic… Actually I think Bruce Willis be more fitting. Need more hair though.

Comment by Leefe

Thar she blows!
Hollywood needs young action stars. Only person I can recall fitting the role is Christian Bale.

Comment by MrMayat

Hmm, any word on the release date for this ?

Comment by blauereiter

@blaureiter: Release date ain’t announced yet. When it is it’ll be all over the internets. And here too.

Comment by Leefe

any one who isn’t furious at how they have been slaughtering perfectly innocent animes of late should go crawl under a rock and stay there. i mean keanu reeves as spike. WTF

Comment by malum

@malum: There’s no perfectly innocent anime. At least not when there’s money to be squeezed out of every bit of it.

Comment by Leefe

this sucks their going to ruin a great anime again fuck hollywood and keanu reeves

Comment by marcus

Keanu is really hot and Spike.. i just love it!

Comment by Epileptic Girl

I could only think of wooden plank when I saw Reeves’ name in the running. This really sucks.

Comment by foolgroove

if keanu never made bill and ted, everyone’s perception of him would be different. i’m excited about it, seen every episode of bebop. i just hope they don’t stop at the first episode.

Comment by paisley

dude, bill and ted aside even, which I like because it’s supposed to be stupid, Reeves is a terrible actor. He was saved in The Matrix by not saying all that much. Speed wasn’t even that great with the exception of Sandra Bullock and only then because she’s a fox. Spike just needs to be much cooler and have much more underlying emotion than Reeves will ever be able to pull off.

Comment by Ian C

Someone once pointed out to me who would be perfect for the role of Spike.

Sacha Baron Cohen.

Comment by Unclever title

@Unclever title: Rofl that’d be a sight.

Comment by Leefe

Live Action Anime Movie + Cowboy Bebop + Keanu Reeves As Spike Spiegel = ……I think I’m going to go throw myself out in front of a car now.

Comment by CB Fan

not keanu, anybody but that airhead.
Spike was based on clint eastwood and keanu just doesn’t have what it takes. hell depp would do better. better yet, find fresh talent!

Comment by rico

i agree keanu is not the best actor for this movie, he would just fuck it up, ive seen every single episode of bebop 4 times over. and ill watch it 20 times again. so in my opanion, get fresh tallent, but then again getting a big name for this might make the movie even better, i mean if it hits big, make anouther one! that would be awsome! but if they fuck it up like they did with that stupid fucking dragon ball movie..i will run into traffic.. it would be a sad day for us anime lovers..

Comment by bebop4ever777

Listen folks, at least hes a much better actor than that idiot Justin Chatwin. I’m spending more time wondering who will play the other characters. I think Vin Deisel as Jet, and Chloe Moretz as Ed would be good. Don’t know who would be a good Faye though.

Comment by EmoKillerD

Why does a hollywood interpretation of such a beautiful series need to be made?!? There is no way it could ever be it’s equal let alone it’s superior. Also Spike is a really complex character the last character Keanu portrayed well was Ted of Bill and ‘Ted’ Theodore Logan. This is BALLS.

Comment by gwenjamin

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