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February 22, 2009, 5:26 pm
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Been quite some time since I last posted anything, since it had been insanely busy for me. First I had rounds and rounds of projects and tests, followed by my major project, then now the semestral examinations. My last paper will be on the coming Tuesday, and right after that week, I’ll be assigned to a 3-month long programming-orgylicious Industrial Placement Programme (IPP) at a software development and web design firm…

Gone are the days that are all fun and joy, lazing around and slacking online, crawling the web for random (and mostly useless stuff), I’ll be right in a flurry of business for 3 months, of which then my FYPJ will follow. Yeah just in case you haven’t catch on, I’m currently a Year 2.2 student at Nanyang Polytechnic. In another week I’ll start my 3rd and final year at the polytechnic.

It’s not too late, nor is it very early, to ponder what I would want to do in the future, especially when graduation and National Service do not seem all that far. Afterall, time passes the quickest when you least want it to. The transition from a teenager into an adult of the society is tough, stressful, nut-cracking and at the same time challenging. Reaching a point in life that forks out a thousand routes that are your futures, it’s time to make the decision on one that you will traverse.

This is when two factors surface, two decisive, important factors. Firstly, your goal. Secondly, what is your current standing and how you can reach your goal.

Why would they be important, you might ask. If one does not have a goal, a direction, then how does one walk, where does one walk? Sure you can argue any direction is better than none, and therefore you are walking down the progress lane somewhere. But is that the direction you want? I feel this is the case with most people. They do not know what they want. So one way or another, they merely go wherever they get prodded to.

Right now, especially now, specialised education can give you a sturdy footing in wherever you want to go. It’s not impossible to change direction if, let’s say, you finished your tertiary education. You can always choose to do something else after right? Of course you can, but it takes time. A long time at that. Even more so if you’re a fit male in Singapore.

For example, I’ll complete my diploma in another year, so I’ll enlist at the age of 20. A two-year National Service leaves me at the age of 22, and if you consider University education, it’s safe to say I’ll complete my education at the age of 25. At this point of time, one should at least settle down for a permanent, full-time occupation, and for some, a family. Then for another 30 years in the least, you’ll be working. Working. Working. Or if you happen to be someone other than the average Singaporean, you could have more financial support through choices of further education. Then of course, you have the advantage of more skills and knowledge, a larger variety of work you can choose to specialise in.

But what I’m trying to say, is that it’s good to be focused, to be clear of what you want, and the most importantly, to understand yourself. Afterall, you can only find joy in work you want to do.

Having been wandering aimlessly myself, without a specific goal, it’s frustratingly mindless when I think about the future. But slowly, I’ve come to terms with what I think I want to do. Mainly two I know I’ll happy to do. Firstly, being a pilot. Military or commercial. I’ve always wanted to fly since I was young, but I hadn’t have much opportunity to ponder that, coming from a occupation-conservative family. Neither do I have much exposure to anyone with a flying career. It might be tough, it might take long, but hey it’s a direction I know I’ll like to walk in. Secondly, being an entrepreneur. With both my parents being entrepreneurs, and a sibling who’s also aspiring to be one, it kinds of run in the blood. I understand fully I’m not the type to sit behind a desk all day, either doing programming or grunt work, and waste a good 30 years away. In the two occupations I want to do, the progressive nature of the work would keep my passion, I’m sure of it.

Let our ambitions take off, to the ends of the galaxy! (Ok, I know it sounds cheesy orz)

On a less serious, unrelated note, February 2009 A.D. is when the human-rebuilt SDF-1 Macross launched, 10 years after the alien ship crashed onto earth. Facing insurmountable dangers and difficulties, the first Macross took off, lured the Zentradi away from Earth to the edges of the galaxy, and then embarked on a long journey back to Earth. To celebrate the precise month when the events of the first episode of the first Macross sci-fi romance series supposedly takes place, Japanese toymaker Yamato revealed its prototype for the 60-cm, 1/2000 SDF-1 Macross from Studio Nue’s Macross space-opera anime series. Also included prototypes for the “Macross: The Super Dimension Space Launching Ceremony ~It’s Really 2009 Already…It’s 2/22 (Nyan Nyan Nyan), Deculture!~” event, are the Macross Quarter(finally!), the Bandai toy versions of the VF-25s. Remember I bought the Ozma CustomVF-25S? Well it’s mainly complete, apart from the decals which I have yet to put on due to various excuses circumstances. But it still looks awesome now.


Yamato Toymaker Reveals 1/2000 SDF-1 Macross Toy

Macross Ship ‘Launch Ceremony’ to Be Held in February


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