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March 16, 2009, 11:21 pm
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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and I forsee hiatus in the near few weeks (or months even). Right now I’m 3 weeks into my internship, and I’ve been busy as hell. Blogging somehow goes to the lower tier of my priorities when free time is as much a scarcity as vegetation on planet Cerra. Not to mention suffering from constant gastric pains for no MF reason. Ugh. Nevertheless I’m rather pleased with the internship, with the job engaging, and my colleagues friendly. I’ve got a cool job (I sit under the aircon), a cool boss (he’s got a coolsome car), great colleagues (young and talented people), and very little time.  Of course, what an occupation does is to obviously keep us occupied. If you work on a job which leaves you with a lot of free time, either it’s a dumb job or you’re a lucky bastard. Needless to say, I believe I’ll slowly be accustomed to work, and of course live with it. Afterall, we have like another 30 to 40 years of working life. Good luck if you think your job sucks and bitch about it all day long.

[Disclaimers: I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, since it’s a sneak preview and the world premiere’s not in another week. You should watch it then.]

Digressing seems to be a specialty amongst many, and I’m not much of an exception. Damn I was supposed to talk about the LaMB film I just came back from. Having skipped (more like rushed though) out of work, I only managed to reach Cathay really late. Like 15 minutes before the preview starts. It started with a slight hiccup, in that apparently the receptionist didn’t seem to have my name on their list, and my attire didn’t help (I came straight from work, office attire and jacket). And to my confusion then amusement, I was asked if I’m from Starhub… Then she got all confused after I told her I’m not from any company. I answered I was invited by Animax, and she asked which Animax… which confused me no end. Luckily there’s a lady beside who swiftly asked for my name, took it down, and let me with my way in, with a ticket and a complimentary voucher for a small combo set which I didn’t redeem, so I hadn’t much of an idea what it actually is. I suspect popcorn and a small coke. It appears that I don’t look like a local attending the preview, invited by Animax Singapore?

More thirsty than I was hungry, despite it being dinner time (since I was walking nonstop from my workplace to take a bus to a train station, then from Bugis to Cathay rather briskly), I ate a morsel and prowled around for familiar faces. Surprisingly I found none. Being the last to head up to the cinema hall, I managed to get a rather good seat, even for one at the sides. After a little speech given by Senior something-president-something ( I can’t remember orz), the event started off with some behind-the-scenes clips, introducing the ‘star-studded’ cast of voice actors. Van Ness Wu was surprisingly capable in English, impeccable even. Josie Ho was pretty good too, but I found it a little odd for a certain Tanaka Chie to voice the Mandarin dubs, which at times she doesn’t seem all too fluent with. Nevertheless, it’s heartening and very so interesting to be able to see such a variety of talents being put into a single production. Also, the film features theme songs by Simple Plan and The Click Five, singing “I Can Wait Forever” and “Summertime” respectively. Pretty cool rock/pop songs.

The film starts off with a rather quick pace, diving right into the world of LaMB, and wasting no time to get to the plot. The animation was pretty flashy (pardon my pun), and the themes were pretty good. Also the voice acting was quite professional, with Van Ness Wu deep in his role as the good doctor.

However, fast as it was in getting to the plot, fast as it was in ending it as well. I was caught off guard at how abruptly the ending was, with a tonne of gaps in between. However, I would like to think it as orchestrated to accomodate the potential for fanfiction and other related works. Afterall, “the [LaMB] release is considered by Animax to be an example of the industry’s potential for user generated content.”¹

In conclusion, Animax blew big bucks on this one, got more hype than you have in a blackhole, made a locally-produced animation film (correct me if I’m wrong), and packed them all into an hour’s worth of concentrated animation juice. Catch it, experience it, and appreciate Animax’s effort thus far.

¹ Quoted from wikipedia’s article on LaMB.


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