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March 29, 2009, 4:36 pm
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So people ask, how’re you doing? The rational me answers: Yeah okay, the realistic me says: Yeah I’m alive, the troll in me says: Gimme more time and I’m on a express journey to hell.

The job’s great, work’s fine, but I find my health ailing somehow. I wake up to dizzyness and headaches every weekend, and my nose is running like a Starbucks tap. Got a scratchy throat, slight cough, and I think the next would be pretty big. And nasty. Strangely enough, despite a rather poor constitution, I don’t suffer major health breakdowns much. The last time I’ve got a 40°C fever was many many moons ago. However, what comes in place is a constant,  insufferable flu-like condition. Flu medicine doesn’t work, obviously. The rare times when I don’t suffer that is when I was in Korea during winter (yeah funny isn’t it), and a particularly cold summer in Perth (even weirder). Otherwise hot or cold, I find myself sneezing and wheezing at the slightest bit of irritation. Or at the lack of it. /tl;dr

And thanks to gg, I’m totally hooked on House. House M.D. for completeness’ sake. I love it because not it’s a drama with an overdose of ridiculously bombastic terms, but rather because of an overdose of House’s trademark ridiculously bombastic satire humour. I like to see the infallible doctor, despite his several attempts at slacking off (I’d daresay he’s pretty darn good at that), come up with the final, most correct, plot-twisting, best-est diagnosis to save his patients. He’s ridiculously and, to a certain extent, impossibly good at what he does: Diagnostic treatment. With a case a week, and evading clinic hours at every possible chance, House and his team of the best and brightest never failed to keep me glued to every episode. In between scenes I often find development of the characters rather charming, despite them being totally random at times.

The first season ran in the 2004’s and right now House’s into the 5th season. I can’t believe I totally missed this good stuff for 5 years. I must tell myself to try Heroes too when I’ve the time. A 9-6 life keeps your entertainment options rather limited; no more marathons, no late nighters either.

Also, I’ve been thinking of getting a domain and my own web hosting at, seeing they have a running promotion at the moment, making it cost 69USD a year (They’ve been postponing the deadline for days already) So, here’s the question: you guys think imhosted is worth it? Anyone with experience care to share?


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How are you? I’m George. I believe i had contacted you before regarding a banner exchange. i’m wondering would you be interested in doing a banner exchange. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

Comment by George

@George: Yeah I should be able to come up with something by the end of this week. Will keep you updated via email. Cheers ^^

Comment by Leefe

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