I have goats
June 16, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Just a thought, how many of you guys play Magic? Recently I picked it up after my friends started to play it (again after stopping for years), and I’ve been having quite some fun with it. In my opinion, unlike other trading card games like pokemon, yugioh, Magic is a more complicated game, with mechanisms that sometimes are hard to understand and fully make use of. Breaking rules are sometimes a part of the game as well, so understanding the rules of the game is essential, though I haven’t bothered poring through the 153 paged rulebook. QQ

If anyone’s interested, you could always visit the Magic website and take a look at the game. The goat deck I’m playing is pretty damn fun ^^

Been long since the last update, I know. Somehow the length of the past 2 months or so eluded me. Right now I’ve hopped out of my attachment to my Final Year Project. More 8-to-6 days until mid-August. Eaarrgh.

p.s. In the end I think I won’t be putting up the shots I took at Ubin, unless anyone here really want to take a look I guess. Since the shots didn’t turn out fantastic… Ah well.


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i don’t play magic but i play pokemon card game. equally fun. (‘~’)

Comment by gordon

C’mon any kinda game, that allows you to attack, to say nothing about winning, your opponent using GOATS, is bound to be one that’s pretty darned complicated, with mechanisms that’s quite hard to understand.

“How did your goats manage to kill me off…?”

“Well you see, this card here makes them reproduce like hamsters, this one magically streamlines them into a more phallic shape so their attack can be more… piercing. And this one here makes them attracted to humans. So essentially, you get raped to death by an army of phallic goats.”

The above can actually be achieved by a combination of injecting the goat with enzymes and antibiotics, putting it through the Large Hadron Collider and letting it listen to the music of Showaddywaddy. But since its called Magic, the game is essentially quite simple to explain.

Its just hard to understand XD.

Comment by Zen

@ gordon: Join us in Magicks!

@ Zen: Killing people with goats > Ice cream

Comment by Leefe

Let’s meet up one day for a quick game. I’ll go find my friend and see if he’s done building my Sliver deck. ;)

Comment by AK

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