Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (US Military)
July 4, 2009, 11:01 pm
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Finally picked the latest sequel to the first Transformer epic, and I’m not disappointed at all. At least not in the amount of explosions.

I remember hearing it rated 0.5 out of a maximum 5 stars, and I thought straight, huh? C’mon it can’t be that bad? We all still remember and love the first Transformers! It was totally badass!

Remember how the band of US troops got ambushed in the middle of a desert? The guy that shouted “LEFT CHEEK LEFT CHEEK”? The dumb credit card scene? Oh yes that was it. The aftermath of losing a military base, and the story developed somewhat more sinister a fate for the US military. They got pummelled, kicked in the butt, burgled, and had what remained of their reputation saved by a squad of hero soldiers. One of which skidded off his motorbike to shoot a deadly barrage into a Decepticon’s crotch. However fear not, the second movie was their redemption. /sarcasm

Here on, there’ll be spoilers, so for those who haven’t got around to watching it, you might want to stop here and bail from this post. The second movie, I thought, was amusingly all about the US military hardware. Oh yes badass aircrafts, humvees, tanks, ships and whatnot. They’re basically the ones doing the bulk of the damage to the Decepticons! The first movie saw them caught unawares, ambushed and all. The second saw them with a cool new Anti-Decepticon division, with the crotch-shot hero soldier dude, and the LEFT CHEEK LEFT CHEEK soldier taking up most of their screen time. What’s even cooler is he even throws his superior out of a plane! Isn’t it COOL?

Ah wait. This ain’t aliens versus predators the US military. What about the autobots? We see a couple of new ones, and the old ones getting more powerful. Bumblebee became really really powerful, for about 30 seconds of screentime, and Ironhide still has his badass cannons, and badass aiming. What about the other 2 odd hours? Well, like I said. It’s US vs the Decepticons. Optimus Prime woke up from his nap towards the end of the show to kick the Fallen’s (real) ass. And give Megatron some due eyepain. Sadly, even if the incessant huge assplosions did serve to be excellent eyegasms, the story-factor (in under a minute) was a big turnoff. Little was said about Cybertron, the Fallen, the Primes, except from that extremely concise, well-summarised, few minutes worth of half-assed explaining.

Apart from the obvious lack of Autobots and some real transformers story-telling, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is indeed a good watch. Enjoy your 2 hours worth of explosions, it’s fun to see how much can blow in that short time.

p.s. Anyone thought the Primes resembles the Espers in Magic? Vedalken wizards anyone?


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