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October 29, 2009, 4:00 pm
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Finally, after expensive attempts at it, I’ve got my Class 3 Driving Licence! There’re several ways one can pick up driving in Singapore, either by enrolling in driving schools or by private learning. Enrolling in schools makes a systematic approach in learning, booking of lessons and tests, therefore on the whole speeds up the process. However, private learners are offered better flexibility, lower learning fees, and more focused teaching (one instructor one student). I enrolled in the driving school at Kampong Ubi, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre . The entire learning process can be as fast as in 3 months, but will cost two thousand singapore dollars at a minimum…

Driving on public roads in your own vehicle is nothing like driving as a learner with your instructor sitting beside; continual traffic awareness is an absolute must, as well as being road-smart. However, I’d admit that parking is really different from what you learn initially. The lack of other cars nearby (to crash into), and visual aids make it easy to ‘learn’ parking, but in real life, there’re no visual aids, plenty of cars beside, and probably a few irritated drivers behind waiting for you to finish your deed. Also, navigating retardedly cramped car parks is a nightmare for a beginner.

Of course, getting a driver’s licence marks the beginning of one’s experience behind the wheel, as we continue to learn (we always do) to be better drivers. As of now, I’m hoping to be able to drive (my dad’s Toyota) regularly and get the hang of driving eventually. Or at least until I get stuffed into National Service.

Here’s something I thought would be interesting to share. How’s driving like where you are? (Unless you’re also Singaporean) Have you any experience on the road? Or are you undergoing driving lessons as well?



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