AFA09 Day 2 – Deculture!
November 22, 2009, 10:49 pm
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Anime Festival Asia Day 2 ended an hour ago (my light sticks are still glowing), and I suppose most would agree it ended with an inexorable high. The concert started in full force, with Fukuyama grabbing the stage and my most rapt attention, followed by the young Macross F singer May’n, and ended with two duets Diamond Crevasse and Dynamite Explosion…

The most incredible yet, today had a rather big share of unforgotten moments. Hadn’t got around to walking around booths as much as yesterday, not sure what I’d have missed out anyway. I do think I should’ve tried to walk around more, soak in the fun and joy ^^;

There were plenty more cosplayers today too, and I broke my ‘streak’ of trying not to photograph any of the cosplayers, mainly because:-

1.) I suck at taking photos, probably won’t do them any justice

2.) Loads of DSLR and equipment totting photographers, probably dozens of times the expertise

3.) With that said, I’ve broken the streak anyway.

AFA09 Mio Cosplay

Akiyama Mio cosplay

Reason? I think she’s a sweet looking cosplayer, with an undeniable Mio-aura ^^;
Anyone knows what name she goes by, her group name, etc?

Somehow the young lady singers seem to have taken to our culture as well, with both food (I heard she ate durians?) and language at the top.

May’n: Very shiok(?)!

There’s a moment when May’n forgot her line, and gave a rather cute “arrgh”. Moe!

As usual, Fukuyama has incredible, dominating stage presence. Throwing guitar picks and making fan screams is a great tactic too.

All in all, today’s concert was a huge awesome for me, and there were many fans that were undoubtedly very ‘high’ as well. Will talk more about AFA09 another time; need food and sleep now ^^;

p.s. My greatest regret for AFA09 was forgetting to take a photo with that lovely Mio cosplayer ^^;


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