AFA09: Interviews with Yoshiki Fukuyama and Shoko-tan
December 6, 2009, 6:50 pm
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Listen to my song!

Just recently, a comrade from SP Life Arts egged me on the interviews they’ve just posted. Their team managed to get a chance to do exclusive interviews with the special guests who performed at AFA09’s ‘I Love Anisong’ concert. To see the interviewers have as much fun as the interviewees is one thing, but to see the gap between Singaporean fans and their Japanese idols bridged is nothing short of awesome. I had tremendous fun reading the 2 interviews, and kudos to the hard work put into them…



All credits to jenocide and ken0601 from SPLA!

Without further ado, here are parts of the interviews:

Yoshiki Fukuyama:

How long have you been in the music industry? And what influenced you to take on this path in life?

He says it has been 19 years since he first began. He started learning the piano from young. Then he came to like anime songs and movies, and besides, his ambition was to become a songwriter and a musician.

In Junior High, he injured his wrists badly, forcing him to stay in the hospital for a period of time. While being hospitalized, he watched a movie featuring The Beatles, and was so inspired by how they performed on the rooftop, and he knew that music was his destiny.

From then on, it was one straight path to where he is right now.

When he became better, he felt more inclined to being a guitarist instead, but he also tells us that he is usually asked to sing more than to play the guitar.

He has always thought of becoming a rock star instead. But given where he is now – in the anime song industry, he still feels that that is fine too. As he said it “its the next best thing”.

Given that if he can only choose one component (sing or play the guitar) when performing on stage, which will it be?

He replies that he prefers to sing, because lately he discovered that he was actually better at singing than playing the guitar. And besides, many of his fans know him more through his singing than his guitar skills.


What is the impression of Singapore, what do you like about Singapore?

Chicken Rice. I had tried Hong Kong style back in Japan, but I liked the Singapore style after trying it last night. Because it is spicy and I like spicy food.

In between work, you do cosplay, don’t you feel tired? And, do you make costumes on your own?

It is an interest, no matter how tired I am, I will do cosplay. As for the costumes, I have 2 big wardrobes of costumes, but they are bought since I have no time to make costumes. Right now I like to cosplay characters from Macross Frontier and K-On!

Photos courtesy of SP Life Arts.

Do check out SPLA’s site for the full interviews, and once again, many thanks to comrades at SPLA for the interviews! I suppose there’s another 2 coming up? ^^;

p.s. There’s more to spicy food in Singapore than just chicken rice :P

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