AFA09: Interview with May’n
December 7, 2009, 5:53 pm
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Interview with May'n


Just less than 24 hours ago, I’ve presented to you guys the interviews SPLA did with Fukuyama Yoshiki and Shoko-tan. And here as promised, we have their exclusive interview with May’n, rising pop star, singing voice of Macross Frontier songstress Sheryl Nome!

May’n performed at AFA09’s ‘I Love Anisong’ concert with songs from her new release, Styles, and songs from her mini-album May’n Street, and various Macross Frontier titles. Due to perform at the Budokan coming January, May’n’s rising popularity has seen her performing at various sell-out concerts in her summer tour.

Credits to ken0601 from SPLA:


Welcome back to Singapore! What are the reasons that you returned for another year?

I was impressed by the fans during my last performance here in AFA 2008. The fans were enthusiastic and their eyes were shiny, glittering. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s performance! This year’s performance will be an original performance for Singapore as I like to have a stage of my own.

How do you feel about working with Yoshiki Fukuyama? Since it is also Sheryl Nome working with Basara Nekki (Yoshiki Fukuyama) of the Fire Bomber from Macross 7?

Personally, I admire Fukuyama-san and Sheryl also happens to admire Basara too! *Laughs

Fans in Japan are excited about this tie up of 2 Macross Idols too!

Is there any difference when working with Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee) & Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara)?

There is actually, when performing alone, the music will be different as compared to performing with Megumi. As according to the Macross F storyline, Ranka looks up upon to Sheryl, so I must have the image of an ‘Elder sister’ to Ranka, (Megumi). But for Fukuyama-san, it will be different as Sheryl admires Basara and so, the singing will be an expression of admiration.

As for the concerts, how do you prepare yourself for it just before the performance?

It is always a mixture of emotions, I always feel nervous; my heart beat starts to become fast. But also, I am eager to see the fans’ faces, every time; I want to see the fans face to face. Because of my fans, I want to do live performances.

Also Kanno-san gives me a hug before the performance as encouragement and another hug after the performance for a job well done.

Are you looking forward to Budokan? Since it is your first solo event there, how are you feeling?

Bukodan is a sacred symbol for musicians in Japan, and during the time when I was performing in the Macross concert, the atmosphere was warm. When I am doing my solo event next year, I am looking forward to the same warm atmosphere again.

As fans from Singapore, I reckon many would feel entitled to the ‘original performance’ May’n has brought us this year. It’s been delightful to go through the rather well-crafted interview questions, and also to see interesting answers from May’n. From the interview, May’n seems very obligating with the answers, if not chatty :P

Undoubtedly 2009’s star in the anisong scene, I’m sure many fans loved her songs from Macross Frontier, like Lion, Northern Cross, Don’t be late, as well as songs from the movie. Personally, I’ve enjoyed some of her songs outside the Macross Frontier titles also, especially songs from Styles; I really like the cheery ones.

Three down, one to go. Aniki’s interview will be due next. And once again, many thanks to the SPLA team for their efforts. ^^;

Photo courtesy of SP Life Arts.

p.s. 持ってけ! is not move the cake. ^^

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