Christmas for you, Christmas for me
December 28, 2009, 6:26 pm
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The entirety of Christmas week had seemingly disappeared, with the festive cheer turning into postsantum depression, leaving a bitter aftertaste. Could I have done more?

Perhaps. Perhaps it’s the feeling another year has gone, that makes you think what more you could have done. Maybe I should have picked up photography, tried more games, or learned new skills? But sometimes, what we miss is what we’ve actually done. Maybe it doesn’t sound a lot, maybe it doesn’t make an impressive list long enough to make it a scroll-of-the-year. But it’s always the little things that count, the things we take for granted that count…

It sucks to have to pass your Christmas week with a semi-empty wallet, but that’s what happened. A little financial mishap before the holidays, and I was stuck gloomily with no money to spend for the week. Nevertheless, I managed to have as much fun as I could (without spending money).

1.) Had a little Magic gathering, wasted the day trying out my new Angel-Vampire deck. Worked reasonably well to a certain degree. Also, py finally got his deck, a G/R ally deck.

A reprieve from bad weather

2.) Spent Christmas on Pulau Ubin, where py’s parents booked a chalet at the Celestial Resort. It was a semi-quaint place, with a lagoon and a nice-looking beach. It even had facilities like a rock-climbing wall and flying fox. Drizzled a little in the late noon, and while Chek Jawa was nothing new, the rather high tide just screwed the whole experience. The roads there are now meticulously paved, making the whole road trip ridiculously easy. I feel like our past years’ worth of falls and crashes were… lame. Also, my butt didn’t hurt as badass as last time. Then I was overnight at py’s place, since the rest of his family was out at Ubin, and spent it lazing around while he was engaged in a galge. Slept 3 hours before I returned home to prepare for the EOY day.

Domo-kun was totally bushed

3.) Driving to EOY, being located at the National Library this time round, means ridiculous parking fees at Bugis Junction. A 5-6 hour tallied over 7 dollars in parking charges. (Yes I’m a student, also meaning I’m a miser when it comes to parking fees ) Somehow I’ve clean forgotten about Shaw Towers where the parking is considerably cheaper. But there was that ERP tollgate right outside the Shaw Towers carpark… The event itself was pretty fun, with a lot of participants (I particularly liked the FFXIII and the Guilty Gear groups). The local band performances were pretty good too. But seriously, to say the drama centre was inadequate space is an understatement; people are basically packed on that floor, and most cosplayers evacuated to the foyer to continue showcasing their costumes, and also to get some breathing space.

4.) And when I finally got some money, I head down to the Kinokuniya Main Store… and blew them away (again). Their 20% storewide discounts are that irresistible orz

5.) With the end of the Christmas week, the second and last week of my term break faces a more gruesome fact; time for projects. The idea of my relentless workload to come constitutes much of my postsantum shag, and by no means will I get a break… all the way till the Februrary CNY/ Valentine’s.

So how did you spend your Christmas?

p.s. I had to miss out on a friends’ gathering at Sentosa for the EOY on Boxing Day, really wished I hadn’t gone EOY instead. :/


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