When the vaults are empty…
January 19, 2010, 10:55 pm
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Just last weekend, I was engaged in a deeply lengthy game of Magic, The Gathering (MTG). It was a 2 Headed Giant format, with my side being a Sigil of the Empty Throne (White/Blue control) and a Polymorph (Blue/Red control) deck…

We were up against a Bant (White/Blue/Green aggro) and a Grixis Unearth (Blue/Black/Red combo) deck. The game itself was getting wearily long; my partner drew up his polymorph but was wary of the Bant opponent’s removal. The match went on with my partner controlling the Bant player’s aggro, while the Bant player kept his removal for when my partner plays his polymorph. So meanwhile it was up to me to try to make some progress. The other opponent plays a Grixis Unearth deck, making lethal damage to creatures quite useless, while digging his graveyard up to attack in waves. I almost had trouble fending the waves off as my draws were quite crappy, and I was having less angels than my opponent had zombies. Towards the end of the game, I had 4 of my Sigil of the Empty Throne out, and was drawing nothing whatsoever to churn some angels out. It was then my opponent decided to come up with a huge wave while I had some angels as blockers. He unearthed a bunch, and I had to block them.

The little unearth stint caused me to dump a bunch of cards into my graveyard, leaving a measly 5 before I end up decking out. When I sifted throughout the milled cards, I saw in them most of my angel-producing enchantments and with them gone, I thought the game was lost. Until I got introduced to the concept of a ‘destiny draw’.

I drew this

‘Hilarity ensues’ just can’t cut it. A fifth friend who was spectating our lengthy match saw what I drew, and went wtf. I got stunned at the draw for a while, and burst out laughing while I played that spell. My two opponents went into shock as I picked up my graveyard, and started dumping a dozen enchantments on the field. They promptly conceded, before I could count my army of 48 angels ^^;

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You realize you aren’t playing those enchantments, right? They are just entering the battlefield, so Sigil doesn’t trigger…

Comment by necrogeist

@necrogeist: D: They don’t? Oh my… I’ll go look it up again… =x

Comment by Leefe

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