Your Kungfu is no match for mine!
September 4, 2010, 12:30 pm
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It’s been a fair few months since I had any time for this little spot in the internet, and I thought to myself, woah there’re still people who actually visit my site for that few months I’m away. So it struck me that I could make a comeback, but this time, I want the readers to vote for what they want to see here! So starting from now, I’ll sometimes post on what a reader requests for (nothing risque of course). That way I suppose content will be more user-focused rather than me going on my own tangent.

p.s. “Your kungfu is no match for mine! is a deus ex machina in the card game of Kungfu. I played that a few weeks ago at Mindcafe, where you mindlessly throw tables at your enemies for the heck of it. Damn fun, do try!

p.p.s. Also I’ll try writing a small Starcraft II column over at If you’re into SC2 do visit the site from time to time :D