AFA09: Interview with May’n
December 7, 2009, 5:53 pm
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Interview with May'n


Just less than 24 hours ago, I’ve presented to you guys the interviews SPLA did with Fukuyama Yoshiki and Shoko-tan. And here as promised, we have their exclusive interview with May’n, rising pop star, singing voice of Macross Frontier songstress Sheryl Nome!

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Macross Frontier VF25-S Ozma Custom
January 10, 2009, 9:41 pm
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Pizza Frontier

Pizza Frontier

As we all know from the block buster animation series, Macross Frontier, the battles are dominated by mostly the VF25 Messiah valkyries, and different characters have different configurations. My favourite out of the four Skull Squadron fighters would be undoubtedly the VF25S Ozma Custom. Reason? It’s badass, it has a freakin’ skull printed on the fuselage, and its pilot is no doubt the manliest character (with their pirate captain, Jeffrey Wilder coming in 2nd ^^) in the whole of the Frontier series.

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