When the vaults are empty…
January 19, 2010, 10:55 pm
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Just last weekend, I was engaged in a deeply lengthy game of Magic, The Gathering (MTG). It was a 2 Headed Giant format, with my side being a Sigil of the Empty Throne (White/Blue control) and a Polymorph (Blue/Red control) deck…

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Christmas for you, Christmas for me
December 28, 2009, 6:26 pm
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The entirety of Christmas week had seemingly disappeared, with the festive cheer turning into postsantum depression, leaving a bitter aftertaste. Could I have done more?

Perhaps. Perhaps it’s the feeling another year has gone, that makes you think what more you could have done. Maybe I should have picked up photography, tried more games, or learned new skills? But sometimes, what we miss is what we’ve actually done. Maybe it doesn’t sound a lot, maybe it doesn’t make an impressive list long enough to make it a scroll-of-the-year. But it’s always the little things that count, the things we take for granted that count…

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I have goats
June 16, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Just a thought, how many of you guys play Magic? Recently I picked it up after my friends started to play it (again after stopping for years), and I’ve been having quite some fun with it. In my opinion, unlike other trading card games like pokemon, yugioh, Magic is a more complicated game, with mechanisms that sometimes are hard to understand and fully make use of. Breaking rules are sometimes a part of the game as well, so understanding the rules of the game is essential, though I haven’t bothered poring through the 153 paged rulebook. QQ

If anyone’s interested, you could always visit the Magic website and take a look at the game. The goat deck I’m playing is pretty damn fun ^^

Been long since the last update, I know. Somehow the length of the past 2 months or so eluded me. Right now I’ve hopped out of my attachment to my Final Year Project. More 8-to-6 days until mid-August. Eaarrgh.

p.s. In the end I think I won’t be putting up the shots I took at Ubin, unless anyone here really want to take a look I guess. Since the shots didn’t turn out fantastic… Ah well.